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Hello girls!!!

New website, new features, new chapter starting in this adventure and it is with a great pleasure that I can finally write to you directly on the website thanks to this new blog!

Many of you have been following me since the beginning and I will always be grateful to you, without you nothing would be possible and I am happy to be able to travel this road with you by my side!

To start this blog and get to know you a little better, I'm going to answer the questions that come up frequently when you discover the online shop and the world of Keva.

3... 2.... 1...

Let's go !

Who are you?

A passionate woman full of desires and projects that are constantly evolving. I am said to be funny, generous, lively and tenacious, which is a pretty good description of me! I love life, living, sharing, always trying to surpass myself to taste those moments when things seem to happen in a wonderful obviousness.

Where does the name "KEVA" come from?

Well, that's very simple! It is the marriage between the first letter of my maiden name "Katchadourian" and my mother's first name "Eva", which gives "KEVA". It is symbolic for me because she is one of the most inspiring people and she accompanies me at every moment throughout this beautiful adventure.

What are your desires ?

To bring well-being around me. This may seem simple but it is an obvious desire that has been shining in my heart since I was a child. Whether it's for my family, my loved ones, strangers, you, I love to see the smile that lights up a face and I love to do what I can for that! I love joy, vitality, humour, but most of all sharing with everyone around me.

How long has the shop been in existence?

For a long time! First the physical shop which started in 2007 and then the online shop which we started to develop in 2017.
5 years already with you on the internet, it goes by so fast!

What does the shop have more than the others ?

I don't think there is anything more or less. I think that every shop, like every person, has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is by gathering your comments and opinions that we consolidate our bases and that we work on the best developments for the rest of the adventure. My parents always taught me that there is room for everyone, that everyone brings what they want to bring and that everyone has a chance to succeed. I just think that the values and the good humour that I bring to this business make many of my clients feel at home and like to share this pleasure of discovery and joy every week! The advice I can give in the Lives, thanks to my experience in the physical shop with my mother and on the markets with my parents, is also very much appreciated by all our customers.

Why come to buy from you ?

Because it's obvious! (laughs) No, especially in relation to what I have just mentioned above, but also simply to please you, open your parcels with enthusiasm and discover a wonderful team who will always do everything to bring you a smile and complete satisfaction.
I would add that we are constantly evolving, you can follow our "live morphologies and generations" as if you could see and touch the clothes, we are constantly working on new proposals that you will surely like... We are human, alive! You'll feel it as you go along, rather than just having a cold and distant experience. That's it!

Do you only resell brands ? You don't have your own brand in your shop ?

At the time of writing we only do resale but for our own brand... It will be soon!

That's it! And for all those who want to know more about my story, I invite you to visit our "about us" page, you'll learn a bit more about the origins of the Keva adventure!

If you only knew how much I am looking forward to being able to present you our new products, the surprises we have been working on for several months to make your experience with us even more interactive!

 So... See you soon !

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Marie Christine - 2023-02-22 21:56:59

Ravie de ma commande combi super bien taillée