To infinity, with Keva!

«Only we go faster, together we go further»
The planet Keva gravitates in a universe where worlds are in perpetual exchange so that everyone can evolve in a luxuriant creativity.

Where some prefer to live the adventure alone to flourish, we favor sharing and exchanges to explore all possible, together.

Intro les partenaires Keva

A door wide open

We love the inventiveness, the creativity, the madness, the detail that makes all the difference so if you have an idea to propose to us, an object likely to turn into goodies for our clients or any other desire for partnership then do not hesitate, Send us a message!

You would like to submit your application as a model for a future shooting, do not hesitate we study all the proposals!

[email protected]

If you are interested in the great Keva adventure and would like to join the team one day in the future, then send your CV here:

[email protected]

Keva boutique - Les partenaires Keva présentation produit 1Keva boutique - Les partenaires Keva présentation produit 2

In an ever-changing world

Our photo studio follows the rhythm of the seasons and if you want to take part in composing our different worlds with your pieces of decoration, furniture or decorative objects, in a mutual sharing, then it will be with great pleasure that we will study all your proposals!

We also like to discover new places, both unusual and original and colorful, in our sunny region, and even a little further very soon. An estate, a hotel, a house, a beach, a campsite, a restaurant, a bar, the world is full of places where we will take pleasure in coming to visit you and make a photo shoot in a good communicative mood and a mutual exchange so once again do not hesitate to contact our marketing department!

[email protected]

Our fellow travellers

Because the adventure is even more beautiful accompanied! Here is a non-exhaustive list of our partners and friends crossed paths:

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