It is a pleasure to welcome you to our online sales site and to be able to share our passion with you! I'm going to tell you a bit about my story, or rather, the story of Keva.

                                                               Keva, the family spirit.

The Keva online store is above all a family story, a story that began thirty years ago with a lot of courage, desire and self-sacrifice. The two people dearest to my heart who joined forces to start from scratch by surveying the markets and opening a shop that was to announce the beginning of my story in the continuity of theirs.
My name is Amanda and I grew up surrounded by clothing, with collections changing with the seasons. My parents, who constantly instilled in me the respect for others, transmitted their passion to me through listening and empathy for each client, patience and desire for personal fulfillment.
I quickly understood that they had then lit a flame that would continue to grow as I discovered the immensity of the world of ready-to-wear.
The success of the store on social networks Facebook, Instagram, and your numerous requests prompted me to set up the first e-store five years ago. I have gradually surrounded myself with people who share the same values ​​that the Keva store embodies, to offer you an adapted service that is as close as possible to you.
My job, my passion, to offer you ideas for original outfits and looks adapted to different morphologies to advise you as if you were coming to see me in a physical store!
We do "morphology and/or generations Lives" several times a month, mainly on Fridays, enriched with advice and ideas so that you can project yourself more easily on outfits that you would have hardly dared to look at.
You will find on the site different brands of women's ready-to-wear (Banditas, Chantal B,...) as well as accessories, bags and jewelry (Bayside, Madamirma, Belle mais pas que, Accessoires du Midi,...), perfumes (Madamirma ) and shoes (Ovyé, Sweet Lemon, Méliné...) for women, with collections growing every week.
We like challenges and novelty, that is why we are constantly discovering new projects that we carry out thanks to the great reactivity of the whole team!

We are all different but share the same philosophy: "Always remain ourselves when sharing experiences so that our differences are our greatest strength." »
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Do not hesitate to leave us a comment, a remark, an opinion, we will be happy to answer you!
See you soon and, above all, welcome to the world of Keva!